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At FalconDay we apply vision, laser focus, and methodical thinking to help transform the way your business interacts with its customers and internal stakeholders. Whether transforming the way your customers interact online, or improving the sales cycle, the hallmark of our work is employing keen intellect, research, and human psychology to naturally convert your customers into brand ambassadors. As a result, your company receives a higher return on investment.

Our current and recent clients include Dell, USAA, Army/Air Force/Navy, Department of Homeland Security, usability teams, and an array of small businesses and nonprofits.
DR. FAULKNER, User Experience Strategist
Visionary team leader, Laura Faulkner, has a Ph.D in Psychology and specializes in Human-Computer Interaction. With more than 25 years of experience, this coveted expertise allows Dr. Faulkner to understand and create human-usable technology that harmonizes with and improves customer experience and design, human interaction, business development processes, as well as project and program management.
DR. DUNCANSON, Research & Development
Dr. John Duncanson has a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics and has over 25 years experience in software development, 10 years in software process improvement and requirements analysis, and 5 years in software and website usability. He plans the building of new systems, develops system specifications, identifies gaps in requirements, and translates general business needs into clearly defined technical requirements for developers.
MS. O'HARE, Business Analyst
Ms. O'Hare holds a BS in Mathematics and an MS in Science and Technology Commercialization. She has performed business development and research and analysis for Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security programs. She is a skilled writer, with keen business and marketing skills, and skill and training in human perception and information processing.
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Customer Delight - Customer Experience Evaluation & Design
DD -When you want to turn your customers on and keep them coming back

Make your customers passionate about you, your brand, your products and your services.
At FalconDay we identify key usability factors-from websites, to products, to packaging, to purchase flows-to enrich the user's experience, sparking increased interest and loyalty.

Strategic Facilitation - Ideas to Action
DD -When it's time to move your organization beyond where you've been

See results in two days, two weeks, and six months. For your most effective and engaging annual planning, we customize a thorough two-day process to guide the specific individuals who will attend to articulate what your company's hopes to achieve. At FalconDay we are expert at discerning your organization's specific needs, as well as how to best tap the characteristics and personalities of each individual team member. We help you achieve your results using a unique post-meeting follow-up that continues the dynamic process, and connects the place where dreams and vision meet real world challenges.

User Experience Teams - Doing More for Less
DD -When demand is high and your team is asked to do more for less

UX teams come to FalconDay for its experience and broad expertise when facing difficult usability challenges, rapid response scenarios, or lack the bandwidth to successfully complete a project. With more than 20 years of experience in the UX field, advanced academic training in organizational development, experimental and applied psychology, and global response capability, we can walk in to immediately manage demand overflow while ensuring successful outcomes for your high-value clients.

In Essence...

FalconDay transforms your internal and external customers into champions. With the deepest knowledge of customer experience design, FalconDay will guide your organization to sustainable growth and higher revenues.

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