Site Launch and World Usability Day 2011!

It was appropriate that this  new FalconDay website launched on World Usability Day 2011.  I had the great privilege of being the keynote speaker on the theme “Design for Social Change” at the UPA Arizona World Usability Day event.  The event was a thrill and a smashing success, thanks to all the hard work of the Arizona user experience community leaders and the generous support of Paypal, who sponsored and hosted the event at their beautiful Chandler facility.  It was a full house, with a lot of buzz and energy, showing that user experience is vibrant and thriving in this region.

I look to this area to emerge as a new force of leadership in the user experience / usability / user research / experience design / interaction design world community.  The group won the WUD competition as one of  five featured ‘partner events’ among the more than 100 events in 40 countries worldwide.  That selection prior to the event was evidence enough; but what I heard at the event, itself, told me much more.  This community has a breadth of talent, both new and deeply experienced, across the wide-ranging skill set of the usability and experience design field.  The current strength of performance and support in central Arizona that is being provided to design the user experience, from the largest corporations and name brands to small ventures and solo practitioners, is a testament to the visionary nature of what is happening here.

The diversity of skills and knowledge represented by the attendees is both a map of the field today and a powerful indicator of the critical need for overarching professional interaction and education for all  to see the breadth of the field and how to do their best work to fit into it.  I am grateful for opportunities such as World Usability Day, UPA-International, and regional and local chapter events that bring together and help all in their various roles who are dedicated to the mission of making things easier and better in the world.

It was an honor to speak in such an environment.  I look forward to returning, and to seeing what these folks come up with next!

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